When a child has been orphaned or abandoned, questioning her own self-worth is inevitable.   Building into these children the dignity they have in Jesus is critical to their transformation from the orphaned spirit to one of adoption and restoration.


These once-orphaned or -abandoned children are now fathered by God and worship is the expression of this mutual love and adoption. Cultivating a heart for worship in these children is central for their spiritual transformation.  



The transformative vision for these children is for them to not just survive being orphaned or abandoned, but to thrive as educated and discipled men and women who are servant leaders and have a purpose in their lives to give back to their communities and the region.  

Holistic Restoration

Rebuilding the physical, educational and spiritual health and strength of these children is the only way to bring true transformation, individually and communally, to the villages and cities of India.  To break the cycle of poverty requires a holistic approach to renewing each child’s personhood and dignity.