A child in a Covenant Children’s Home has gone from orphaned or abandoned to:

  • A church home with parents – a local pastor and his family.

  • A family-style living environment with nine brothers or sisters.

  • An English speaking education in order to learn their way out of poverty.

  • Daily discipleship and worship, growing in a relationship with God.

  • Likelihood of being the last of their biological family to ever experience poverty.

James and Sarah Rebbavarapu, founders of India Christian Ministries, had a vision for helping orphaned children in the local area where James grew up. When thousands of churches began to be planted in Andhra Pradesh, India in the early 2000s by India Christian Ministries, it became apparent that many needs of the village communities could be met by these churches, including orphan care. Covenant Children’s Homes is a ministry of India Christian Ministries and began in 2008 with eight church-based children’s homes and 80 children. We are now in 75 churches serving 600 children in the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.


There is hope.

There is a way to adequately address poverty with our eyes focused on the long-term future.